Masachi, which started its commercial activities in 1999 with 13 people on an area of ​​1,500 m² and with the aim of giving life to a dream with limited opportunities, today it owns in a closed area of ​​​​12.000 m²; It constantly thinks, designs and produces with its team of engineers, architects, technicians and experts in their fields and state-of-the-art machinery.
In order to add a different and innovative breath to the sector; It continues to make a difference with its radical lines that will be accepted, creative design, specific colors and materials, quality products, customer satisfaction and lastly, friendly service. Combining all of these with excitement and belief, the result is to become the “POLE STAR” of the sector.

With the appreciation of those who prefer Masachi, our brand celebrates its 22nd year; We continue to dream and turn these dreams into reality with our technology-based, quality-oriented, young and dynamic team. With the Project Department pre-sales and after-sales services, we offer not only products but also value-added services.

With our brand, we aim to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with quality products and services in all social areas such as offices, institutions and campuses, and we diversify our collection with new functions by appealing to changing tastes. We continue to implement innovative ideas, drawing strength from our brand’s past and experience, with our original and modern designs that it has brought to the sector.

At the moment, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a worldwide brand with our more than 120 business partners in more than 20 countries. We aimed to provide you with the most accurate customer experience with all our departments such as sales, architectural design, product design, technical planning, shipping, accounting, and law, and we want to crown our brand with you with our innovative line, architectural support and special production options.

Our vision;

Being aware of the fact that our most important principle in this field, which we set out as the “Pole Star”, is to please you, and to be the leading furniture company of the sector with our innovative, creative and comfortable products.


Our Mission;

Our aim is to create and produce quality products at world standards, addressing changing tastes to meet your needs and expectations, in an environmentally friendly manner.


Architectural Support;

With the architects, interior architects and technical drawing staff of our team, you can easily reach your dream office by seeing your single room or the finished version of your entire project from the beginning.

With our expert staff, we are always ready to help you to reach the most accurate result by analyzing your demands correctly.

Serviced Offices / Special Designs:

You can rely on us to provide the right product and the right placement for any area that is considered large or insufficient in different m2. Your dream office; If your dream is passing through the table or cabinet, we can respond to your expectation with our design team.


Last word:

We are willing to be your solution partner in every field by melting “Masachi” quality with special product and architectural support services in the same pot.

We are getting bigger and stronger every day, with our modern stores that have changed faces, our expert staff, our desire to renew and progress in many areas.